tally me all shortcut keys

Tally software offers a range of shortcut keys to help you navigate and perform various tasks quickly. Here is a list of some commonly used shortcut keys in Tally:

1. To navigate and select options:

   - Alt + F1: Select the company information menu.

   - Alt + F2: Change the period.

   - Alt + F3: Select the company features menu.

   - Alt + F4: Open the voucher types menu.

   - Alt + F9: Select the purchase voucher.

   - Alt + F10: Select the receipt voucher.

   - Alt + F11: Select the payment voucher.

   - Alt + F12: Select the sales voucher.

tally me all shortcut keys

2. To perform general operations:

   - Ctrl + A: Accept a form or save data.

   - Ctrl + B: Select the budget menu.

   - Ctrl + D: Delete a voucher.

   - Ctrl + E: Export the report in HTML format.

   - Ctrl + I: Import statutory masters.

   - Ctrl + K: Open the keyboard shortcuts help menu.

   - Ctrl + N: Create a new company.

   - Ctrl + O: Upload the report in ASCII, HTML, XML, or SDF format.

   - Ctrl + P: Print the report.

   - Ctrl + Q: Quit Tally.

   - Ctrl + R: Rewrite the company data.

   - Ctrl + U: Upload the report in Excel format.

3. To manage ledgers and groups:

   - Alt + C: Create a ledger.

   - Alt + G: Create a group.

   - Alt + L: Display the list of ledgers.

   - Alt + V: Voucher mode.

4. To view reports:

   - Alt + F1: Display the detailed report.

   - Alt + F2: Display the monthly report.

   - Alt + F3: Display the summary report.

   - Alt + F4: Display the stock item report.

   - Alt + F5: Display the cash flow report.

   - Alt + F6: Display the fund flow report.

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These are just a few examples of the shortcut keys available in Tally. The software offers many more shortcuts for different functions and operations. You can refer to the Tally documentation or help section for a comprehensive list of all shortcut keys specific to your Tally version.

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