tally me cash bill kaise banaye

tally me cash bill kaise banaye To create a cash bill in Tally, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Tally and select the company for which you want to create the cash bill.

2. From the Gateway of Tally screen, navigate to the "Accounting Vouchers" section.

tally me cash bill kaise banaye

3. In the Accounting Vouchers menu, select "F8: Sales" or press F8 on your keyboard. This will open the Sales Voucher creation screen.

4. In the Sales Voucher screen, you will see various fields to enter details. Here's how you can fill in the required information:

   a. Date: Enter the date of the cash bill.

   b. Party's A/c Name: Select or enter the name of the customer for whom you are creating the cash bill.

   c. Under: Choose the appropriate sales ledger under which the transaction falls (e.g., Sales Account, Sales-Local, etc.).

   d. Inventory allocation: If you are selling items or services, select the inventory or service ledger and enter the quantity and rate.

   e. Amount: Tally will automatically calculate the amount based on the quantity and rate entered.

   f. Mode of Payment: Specify the mode of payment as "Cash" in this case.

5. Once you have filled in all the necessary details, review the information to ensure accuracy.

6. Press Enter or Ctrl+A to save the cash bill.

That's it! You have successfully created a cash bill in Tally. Make sure to verify the bill and its details before finalizing it.

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