tally me company kaise select kare

 tally me company kaise select kare To select a company in Tally, you can follow these steps:

1. Open Tally software on your computer.

2. You will be presented with the "Gateway of Tally" screen, which serves as the main menu.

tally me company kaise select kare

3. On the Gateway of Tally screen, you will see a list of companies available for selection.

4. To select a company, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse pointer to highlight the desired company from the list.

5. Once the desired company is highlighted, press Enter or click on the company name to select it.

6. Tally will then load the selected company, and you will be able to access and work with the data specific to that company.

If the company you want to select is not listed on the Gateway of Tally screen, it may be because the company data has not been loaded into Tally or the company does not exist in your Tally installation. In such cases, you may need to consult your Tally administrator or follow the necessary steps to create or load the company data into Tally before it becomes available for selection.

Please note that the exact steps or appearance of the Tally interface may vary slightly depending on the version of Tally you are using. However, the general process of selecting a company should remain consistent.

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